Born in Ibiza, Zoltan made his first leather pouch with Lou Guerin in Morocco in 1992. For 3 years, he worked with Lou in New Zealand making custom boots, sandals and bags. He went on to create goggles, gauntlets, helmets and vests.

In 1997, he apprenticed to Chris Bone, a carver/inlayer who had invented a unique inlay technique. Zoltan later produced his own designs with various materials.

In 2005, he studied with Selim, the master leather craftman of the Ibiza lineage (originated by Gerhardt).

Now Zoltan's ever-evolving techniques for fusing leather, inlayed jewelry and carvings are producing unique and wonderful results.

Zoltan often goes traveling on buying trips to find new and interesting materials.

His work aims to draw awareness to the fact that we are all space travelers, moving through the Universe.